About Us


Our Approach

At Amarla we are working to develop boutique bar, hotel and resort projects in Central America. We are excited about creating world class establishments for discerning and quality conscious clientele. Especially those looking for unique experiences which are out of the ordinary in terms of design concepts, culinary creations, mixology, service and atmosphere. This is the type of stuff which makes us get up early in the morning and go to sleep late at night. It’s our passion, our mission. Amarla is a creative company which first and foremost is focused on the hospitality industry. We work closely with top designers, architects and industry specialists to bring you the quirkiest, most peculiar, photogenic productions we can possibly muster.

Our Philosophy

Is to pay great attention to detail and functionality from a design and operations standpoint but also to go beyond the purely physical aspects of our work and delve into the experience of those who interact with our spaces and businesses. This extends from customers to all forms of stakeholders within the communities where we operate. We strongly believe in an equitable and sustainable business model and wholeheartedly support such movements and practices as organic food, zero-waste business operation, clean energy, sustainable construction practices, community based projects, procurement radiuses etc. and we believe this not only enriches the community but also the quality of our products.

Meet the Team

Rob Faulkner

Founder & Creative Director

I’m a bilingual global citizen and entrepreneur from England. My background is in Timber construction, superbike design and auto import/export. But as I have begun to discover my passions I have found that building spaces for people to enjoy is something that really interests me. What fascinates me about design is the human relationship between us and physical form. From materials, shape, colour, texture and provenance we determine whether something speaks to us or not. I have always found making cool things to be very pleasurable. Sometimes maddening too, but generally pretty damn satisfying. So going beyond my passion for design of custom race bikes, art, graphic design etc. the design of spaces and experiential concepts is a dream come true.

Asher Montague

Founder & Technology Specialist

I'm a fun loving guy who has a passion for Design, Art, Technology, Traveling and above all Nature. I'm a tech entrepreneur and enjoy spending my time under a tree or on a beach tapping away on my laptop working on my endeavours. I love my work which is involved in trading currencies, dropshipping, e-commerce & social media marketing, it has partly enabled me to travel to over 40 different countries in my lifetime in which I feel a lot of gratitude for. Since visiting various different countries and experiencing different cultures I have developed a commitment towards preserving and protecting the enviroment that we live in, I've seen both sides of the coin and feel this is one of our biggest challenges we face today and making a difference is really what motivates me - the long-term goal would be to use business as a platform for awareness and change.  I moved to Panama in Jan 2017 and i completely fell in love with the architecture culture and history behind Casco Viejo - there seems to be a renaissance happening before our very eyes and I'm enchanted by the amount of creative and positive energy this place has to offer.